Fleury Group

Fleury Group is a medical and health organization that has coverage with 216 clinics and laboratories around Brazil. They offer a variety of health-related services, from home-care to radiology. Below is a quick summary of what I worked on:

Find a fertility doctor

In this project, I was responsible for the end-to-end MVP implementation of a new functionality. The business needs was to attract new professionals to this brand new product, but there’s was a gap in first conversions due to users who were interested in using the service, but did not have a fertility doctor to start the treatment.

My task was to align with stakeholders a mid-term to fertility doctors and patients can have benefits from experiencing this new functionality. At first, I did a quantitative survey via Hotjar, referring to user expectations. (image above)
From this research, it was possible to validate some insights, such as, our users really demanded a feature that unites them with fertilty doctors.

After that, I did a qualitative research, a form of 7 questions (example above), in which the objective was to find out more deeply what our doctor and patient personas thought about finding professionals on the site. The questions ranged from the scale of importance of some information that physicians would like to display to open-ended questions such as suggestions for functionality.

With these answers, we got guidance as, our female users consider the professional’s gender choice very relevant compared to men, who are a minority in the database.
By organizing these insights, it was possible to prioritize them via workshop and from that, we were able to provide filters, understand the best way that our users prefer to get in touch, data about what users and doctors consider relevant to display, such as a mini-curriculum.

Thanks to that, it was possible to make safe design decisions considering 2 of the product personas and stakeholders. Now, the MVP is ready for an A/B test with a small portion of the website traffic to test against the current feature on the website.