Raia Drogasil

Raia drogasil is the largest pharmacy retail in Brazil, the group has several brands, including Droga Raia and Drogasil, with more than 2000 stores throughout the country. Below are some small samples of work that I done as a UI and Visual designer.

My favorite opportunity was working on the design of a custom shortcuts component according to the user’s profile. The business area needs to encourage the increasment of registrations/logins, so it would able to identify the user and target better products for the user’s profile, thus improving the chances of conversion rates.

My task was to design a component applying UX considering the business guidelines. There were numerous situations and behaviors according to the offers available on the site, so I chose to use the simplest graphic language possible. (first drafts above)

After validating the visual line with the stakeholders, it was necessary to deepen the understanding of the business rules and graphically represent the possible combinations so that they were modular. In this way, it was possible to have a library of icons that could be combined with tags that contained different types of campaigns.

Another great challenge was to design the product cards for Droga Raia’s e-commerce, so that they matched the business rules, the idea was to use colors and components together with the campaigns, such as the component “Last seen products ” (image above), originally, it was a history component, campaigns were organized and separated by color, the component received the same icon as the repurchase button and products were displayed in which promotions were recognized by text/color on the first scroll .

It was also thought in the scenario of the user without login/registration, it was possible to follow the visit history of the products but due to the business need to promote logins/registrations, a CTA was placed that redirected the user to the login screen, after As a result, the user could have access to 100% of their browsing history.